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Beauty is the thinnest line that requires expertise.

Equipping beauty clinics

Importing healthcare facilities and beauty equipments

Medical line

Import and consultation in medical devices

Technical Advisory

Equipping medical and clinical centers

Medical Centers Equipping Services

One of the most important services of Hiva Trading is to equip medical centers, beauty clinics and pathology laboratories. Also, in order to identify and attract customers, sell and offer products and services, Also, to meet the essential needs of medical centers and hospitals, internal capabilities that guarantee the implementation of this program, including accurate planning of orders, keeping the minimum inventory at the appropriate level, using a comprehensive information system, accurate internal procedures in the field of delivery, cooperation With reputable shipping companies for timely and fast delivery of orders and finally procedures to follow up and ensure the delivery of ordered goods, have been developed and implemented.

Import and sale of Sport-Cosmetic products

Hiva Trading Company is one of the first companies to import skin and hair care products for athletes and has paid special attention to the presentation of these products. We have also been an importer and distributor of skin and hair care products from European and Asian countries.

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